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What is a noise reduction cover
for heat pumps?

Silenzzer ™ Noise Reduction Cover is used for covering the outside unit of a heat pump, making it practically silent!

The noise reduction cover suppresses noise so well, that heat pumps can be installed on the balconies of households that are part of housing cooperatives.


Silenzzer ™ is a noise reduction cover that is used covering the outside unit of a heat pump. It is made of 150 mm thick, high performance acoustical absorbing material that is flexible and fits snugly around the outside unit of the pump. The material features unique noise reduction qualities.


The noise reduction cover is made of flexible foam material coated with a thick rubber film. The distance to the fan is 20 cm, but closer to 5 cm without the noise reduction cover. Having more closely spaced slats and a greater distance to the fan reduces the chances of small children hurting their hands.


Heat pumps aren’t exactly beautiful. Which is why we have put a great deal of effort into improving their appearance. We’ve had great feedback on the design, and we have to agree with a recent comment of ours: “now it looks more like a piece of furniture than a dangerous machine”.


Noise pollution is gaining ever more attention, and the EU is tightening requirements for maximum values in recreational areas such as private balconies. With the Silenzzer™ Noise Reduction Cover over the outside unit of your heat pump, you can give your neighbours the gift of peace and quiet on their balconies.


High and low-rise apartment buildings are being hit particularly hard with noise requirements, as neighbours live so close together, often with just a thin partition separating their balconies. The Silenzzer Noise Reduction Cover has undergone rigorous tests, and each and every noise reduction cover is controlled and numbered, stamped with a seal and comes with its own unique certificate. The cover eliminates noise generated by heat pumps, thus eliminating an annoyance to both heat pump owners and their neighbours.

The Silenzzer Noise Reduction Cover is a most welcome answer to making heat pumps more widespread in Norway—especially in housing cooperatives. Lower energy consumption, cleaner indoor air, comfortable heating and cooling in the summer are now all made possible for more than 500,000 apartment buildings in Norway*.

The Norwegian Heat Pump Association supports the use of the Silenzzer Noise Reduction Cover**.

Read more about heat pumps and indoor air on the Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association’s website at, and on the Norwegian Heat Pump Association’s information pages at

* The Board of Directors must permit the installation of heat pumps with certified noise reduction covers and members of the cooperatives must follow the approved installation set-up. Figures taken from the Statistics Norway housing census of November 2011.
** See reference elsewhere on the page.

The Heat Pump Package

    • Silenzzer ™ Noise Reduction Cover
    • Heat pump (inside unit + outside unit)
    • Installation performed by authorised workers

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PR Manager for the Norwegian Heat Pump Association, Einar Guldbrandsen, says that the noise reduction cover opens up the possibility for more housing cooperatives to now consider permitting the installation of private heat pumps, and therefore welcomes the use of the covers.

PR Manager
for the Norwegian Heat Pump Association
Einar Gulbrandsen.

“In a survey we’ve conducted, we found that noise ranks high on the list of important factors when considering a heat pump.

A noise reduction cover can therefore be an important step to making heat pumps more widespread, especially in built-up areas such as high and low-rise apartment buildings”, says Einar Gulbrandsen, PR Manager for NOVAP.

“Another good thing is that owners of installed heat pumps and their neighbours can now have access to a noise reduction solution that could resolve noise-related conflicts”, adds Bård Bårdsen, Chief Advisor for NOVAP.


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